What is neutrality bias (especially in journalism)?

Neutrality bias is the idea that some journalists or news outlets are so concerned with appearing as neutral that they forget about objectivity. Objectivity is not neutrality. Neutrality bias means giving all sides equal time, present all sides with equal praise and/or criticism, even when there is a side that is objectively more based on reality/facts etc. It can also mean not correcting factual untruths or errors on the grounds of giving everyone an opportunity to express their opinion.
In this Secular Talk video, Kyle Kulinski describes different types of media biases. It’s a progressive news show, but whether or not you agree with his ideas.

For instance, neutrality bias happens when you get two scientists to debate about climate change, one saying that it is caused by men and the other saying that it doesn’t exist or has nothing to do with human activity, even though over 95% of scientists agree that it is in fact manmade. John Oliver did a Last Week Tonight segment about this specific scenario:


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