Hegemony how works in politics, Society and media
What is hegemony?
People says there are so many definitions to the hegemony. Normally many people know “hegemony is the process by which dominant Culture maintain its Dominant position” when we take the topic hegemony we cannot talks without Power. Because the word of hegemony donated by power.
Nowadays hegemony plays everywhere. Those are politics, society and media. Power is decided under these activities. The great scholar Stuart Hall (1985) said “hegemony is dominance and subordination in the field of relation structures by power” When we take a political hegemony power structure is the valuable thing than other matters. For example in the late 17th Century Britain has the power than other countries. Therefore they can catch most of the countries and create the colonial British rule in the world. But after the World War II United States of America became the position. So, hegemony builds by power.
How hegemony works in Society?
In current situation money makes the culture. Every society based on the culture. The developed country’s culture is different than poor countries. For example America was achieved economic development. It has maximum money. So others say American people’s culture is high level than African people. So they get the cultural hegemony. But other countries not like that. Therefore society can be Separate ruling class and subject class.
Italian political theorist Antonio Gramsci gives the Marxist thought on the concept of hegemony by proposing that dominant groups maintain power and protect common class interests, namely, wealth and ownership, through the use of cultural institutions and alliances with other members of the elite, not coercion.
Gramsci argued that in 20th Century western democracies, the ruling classes ruled through Hegemony. He suggested that across Society, there were many interest groups that people aligned them. He argued that the Ruling class managed to rule, by taking on the interests of enough of these groups, and therefore gaining the consent of the majority. Interest groups for example might include religious fundamentalists, public sector workers, small businesses, environmentalists, democratic reformists, etc. The ruling class relied for its survival from sharing interests with ‘hegemony’ of interest groups. Christianity is the main historical example (think of how many legal systems take Christian moral values as their basis)
It is the philosophic and sociological theory, Gramsci also argue that. In that time Revolutionary socialist believed the Gramsci statement. Therefore they may have a close social connection with others those who are interested in the particular thing.
Some societies, men have power over women. Hegemony is dominance, and has to do with power possession. It is also comes under the culture hegemony. Democratic nation says Man and women have the same right to all the things. The people those who are accept by the democratic don’t like to give equal rights to the women. These type of works done by hegemony in society.
How hegemony works in political?
Leadership is one of the great talents in the world. There are many leaders comes from politics. It is the effective way to guide others. “Every political system including the democratic one, it is based on the cultural hegemony” there also provide the more influence by power. The reason is without power any nation can’t run effectively.
Leadership influence exercised by one nation over others, if nation has the hegemony it can do anything that particular boarder. Power is given by many wars in the world. Each and every political problem comes from the word of power. For example nowadays Sri Lanka has the same trouble. That means the people are involving election (problem) for try to get the power.
Especially smaller nation controlled by large nations in an effort to achieve 

world dominant. For example some time Sri Lanka controlled by India. Because, India has the more power than Sri Lanka. (Population, Economic, land) At the same time India controlled by America. Basically when big country thinks it owns every country smaller than it.
So, political hegemony always tries to express their power. And it likes to control others. (Man or nation) even though political hegemony maintain the democratic but it is create many problem in the beginning to until now.

How hegemony works in media?
Hegemony is the predominant influence over the others. In the media also has the hegemony to their activities. We already know, money makes the culture. Because all art needs an outlet whether is it on television, in movie theaters, on DVD, in publishing or even in an art gallery.
That developing and maintaining side media try to get the hegemony. Following things hegemony very important the media. Those are Institutions, language, news/information, regulating output, representations, ownership, and authorship. When we take a media without authorship they definitely can’t reach very well from audients. Not only this but also ownership.
We might know language is very important source to each and every media. As well as the media has the power to provide the language. Mass media are the powerful institution to control people. For example mass media can represent by the particular society. Through their programme viewer can identify the clear message about the society. So media has the high level task.
And also media can use the hegemony in another style. For example media can be changed people mind those who are watched the particular media. So they use to their hegemony to this method. So this type works done by the hegemony in media.
At the same time If Media show anything itself they will never audience. When media show the movie or any programme they should consider the audience opinion. Otherwise media cannot run long period.


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