Manveer gurjar interview 

Manveer are already decided to make big stars or suddenly became …!

Qus.1-how do you feel after winning bigg boss 10 ? 

Qus.2-you are already decided to make Big star or suddenly became ?

Qus.3-why you choose Bigg boss show ?

Qus.4-what was the best in the big boss house ? 

Qus.5-What did you think you will win Bigg Boss and Why?

Qus.6-who was your most preferred candidate in bigg boss ?

Qus.7-Bigg Boss received under any task at the time was what your Feelings ? 

Qus.8-Who was your bump in the entire Bigg Boss and Why?

Qus.9-Feelings that time was what you got when you face final?

Qus.10-Behind the success is a rough hand so who was behind you ? 

Qus.11-what do you think about Bani ?

Qus.12-what do you think about Manu ?

Qus.13-What do you think about Lopa ?

Qus.14-It has full support for them, you have the audience you want to say?

Qus.15-Now you want to do next?


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