TRP Update of week 49- top news channels in India by TRP

Position Channel               TRP 1 Aaj Tak –                           168497

 2 ABP News                         141031

 3 India TV                             136593

 4 Zee News                          133837

 5 India News                        109629

Top 10 Indian news channel


India TV

is ranked at number one among all other news channels of India due to it’s outstanding and sensationalized way of discovery of news and also because of the famous journalist, Rajat Sharma.


Aaj Tak

stood second in the race of rating according to the recent trp chart of April 2016.


india news

is a relatively new channel of news if compared with other channels and it has gained a very rapid development in terms of trp. The news channel is acquired and operated by ITV network.


ABP news

is the popular news channel of India of ABP group and prior it was known as star news when it was not acquired by the group. It has many experienced and skilled journalists.


News nation

is also one of the newest Indian news channels but still it has managed to find its place in the top 10 news channels of India which is a matter of proud for the channel and journalists.


NDTV India

is the least sensationalized channel and it is famous for serious reporting and debates on the top which required quite an  immediate attention.


DD news

also known as door darshan or national. It has huge popularity in villages and it follows the same traditional style of reporting since years.


Zee news,

one of the oldest news channel and famous for Subhash Chandra show. The channel has come into the limelight due to some controversies  recently but still its popularity doesn’t get affected.



ranked at number ninth according to the latest Trp ratings and seems its top go down these days but the channel has huge viewer base.


Sahara Samay

is at the last number of top ten Indian news channels in terms of Trp. It is a channel of famous Sahara group and is vastly spread in many regions.


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